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The UNA Member's Day

The UNA member’s day at the United Nations was an amazing experience. I joined around 800 members to hear from experts on climate, refugees, Sustainable Development Goals, and the Security Council. Our chapter president Margarette Tropnas and board member Dr. Marceline Watler also attended, sharing our experiences with the other chapters and learning from the many young professionals crowding the conference hall.

I had the chance to to learn from different participants, such as the Youth Observers to the UN and the Leadership for climate change. At the end of the day, we were invited to a happy hour reception hosted by the UNA Young Professionals , with UNA President Chris Whatley who gave a lively review of UNA´s goals. (Like what?)

I was really inspired by all the presentations but most extraordinary was a young Syrian refugee, Sana Mustafa. She shared her experience. It was really touching for all us. She has had two years of not knowing where her father is; and her mother and sister are in Turkey in a legal limbo, without the notion of when they can start a regular life. Her sister can’t start university because her legal status is not clear and they can’t move to another country. Sana Mustafa opened her heart about her family and journey in the Syrian crisis.

The speeches of the UN ambassadors and permanent members, Matthew Rycroft UK Mission to UN and Dina Kawar and Dina Kawar, Jordan Mission the UN, gave us a perspective about what are the diplomatic relations between these countries and what are their main concerns. Matthew Rycroft pointed out the Russian invasions and Dina Kawar, the Middle East situation, specially the refugee crisis.

UNA Member’s day was a fascinating experience and made me feel more in touch with the UN as well as with UNA.

If you want to be more in touch too, connect with UNA Brooklyn on Facebook and Twitter, and check here for blogs about UNA news and events!

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