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Brooklyn is a very global community! There are many local opportunities in Brooklyn to engage globally. Whetther the events are related to the UN and international relations, thearter and dance, art and music, and more, we'll try to list it here. We are new at this and our event list app is limited, so please be patient! For now, check out these events...

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Ongoing Activities and Exhibits


Neighborhood: Prospect Park


Venue: Brooklyn Museum


Location: 200 Eastern Parkway, Prospect Park


Cost: $16


Description: This innovative, cross-cultural installation was developed to create new ways of looking at art by making connections between cultures as well as objects. Located in our first-floor Great Hall, it provides for the first time a dynamic and welcoming introduction to our extensive collections, featuring pieces that represent peoples throughout time and around the world.

Ongoing until Winter 2018

In Pursuit of Freedom explores Brooklyn’s anti-slavery movement from the end of the American Revolution to the early days of Reconstruction through photographs, census records, anti-slavery and local newspapers, maps and more.

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